Today derives most of the Norrbotten beagles from a generation of dogs that figured in the Border River Contests early year. The importance of the contest to the breeding choices has been very important for the beagles hunting development in Norrbotten. Nowadays, as rings in the water ”our” lines spreads to the breeders and hunters across the country.

The language problem which sometimes are found are resolved in a time of Nordic spirit with a lot of humor that spice. At the premiere of the ”River Border Contest”, the registration documents got review by the Finnish commissioner,  after a while and with some help she managed   to get  Frederick Schmitds Franros Cool Prominent Candy with in the roster, but it took some time. With some help from me, she  got the name of the dog  written on the list. My dog was next in line to be included in the list. With nervousness in her eyes  the Commissioner asked,  what name? Before I could answer, I heard  our cashier Henry Sundlings voice, Lili Karlander. The inspector was visibly relieved when I corrected it to ”Lili”.
1990 was Norrbotten Beagle club the responsible for the contest. In a review of the test conditions and enrollment,  it was clear that one of the Finnish dog had not come. When another of the Finnish beagles became forced to break , the Swedish victory was close. But no, with finnish beagles in the two best places reached the Finnish team 16 points. Our people also came to the same points, but with the induvidual winning dog, the Finnish team won. In these trial, I went as judge apprentice with Alfons Karlsson from Umeå.

Another memory is from 1996 when I judged Kesman Laura’s performance a sunny autumn morning in a trial field south of Tornio. Laura performed without any interruption for 80 minutes. We saw the hare in several times repeatedly leaping over a forest road that crossed the area, then suddenly it became silent. Raimo Vastapuu, Lauras owner, tried in vain to find  Laura at the tracker, which did not work. The hour went by and I had to note “End of Time” in my card. Shortly after we met a elk hunter, who said he had heard the dog next to Tornio racetrack approximately 4 km from our location. When Raimo and I came closer  the  racetrack  we began to hear  Laura’s sonorous voice. So we got hold of Laura and moved to a new area in intention to  release the dog again.

Laura showed now that it is possible to find hare even if the sun dried up the fresh night track. She barked the second hare without delay to the first prize and became winner just before Birketuns Maja. Raimo Vastapuu has taken many trophies with Laura and Huuhkajan Jakke. His Nordic champion Konttikuusen Jeppe has participated in several ”Border River” contests, the best on second place. One that grabbed most trophies of the fight is Sjulsvikens Affe with his three wins in a row, this gave him the challenge prize.

When I submitted the Finnish championats application for Lili  I got a negative  answer from the Swedish Kennel Club. I  contacted the representative of the Beagle Field Trial Committee  to get an explanation. The answer were following: You should understand that the requirement for the championship is that the dog must have carried out the test on Finnish soil.  As the Finnish Kennel Club approved the Border River fight as international,  I asked them on what basis.

The answer was; since Finland believes that initiatives like this in every way should be encouraged. As a proof of the value of the competiton, a member from the finnish breeding committee attended during the competition days . Strengthened of the Finnish view on merits, I turned to the Swedish Kennel Club president Ulf Uddman. He was surprised over the rejection we received and promised to look into the matter. Quite promptly I got written confirmation that the fight now even received Swedish approval for CACIT.

So, Border River Contest has continued and has been  24 times this fall (2012), there is a high level of performance with  two equal team.

It is no exaggeration, to say that the width  of our beagles has increased, and the  standard on hunting capability   has been raised so that the club today can choose from at least ten perfectly equal dogs to the fight.
That the Haparanda and the Överkalix trial  are two by the country largest field trial, seen at the number of starters. Håkan Gunnarfelt, who was our chairman for eleven years, left at the annual meeting over the baton to Erik Nilsson. Erik will now take over management responsibility for a very active and well-run club. He is well established in the board and has in every respects shown good skills to cope the the leadership

Norrbotten Beagle Club continues its work to enhancing the the hunting characteristics for beagle


Sune Karlander, liaison officer for the Border River Contest.