In these pages you will find some texts about the early years in Norrbotten Beagle Club. In some media, we sometimes gets the impression that hunting with hounds decreases, primarily the traditional nordic hunt at hare. Conclusions which are largely drawn from the registration numbers for the domestic breeds but Beagle has in fact done well in our region. Nbblk is a local branch of Sblk and we see it as our task to cherish the breed which been  built up since the late 80’s. We have a serious and purposeful breeding work to look back on, and the litters that are produced finds its hunters. A little history to look forward and to reach out with the capable hunting dog and great family dog our beagle is ….
  NBBLK   1986 to 2013
First Swedish team in the contest ”Border River Fight” 1986; Brynolf Lövgren(Klinga), Håkan Gunnarfelt(Emil), Sune Karlander(Lili), Fredrik Schmidt(Franros Cool Prominent Candy).

Norrbotten Beagle Club was formed in 1986 and has since worked to develop the Beagle hound, mainly for hunting hare. Besides a good hunting companion suits beagle the entire family. It is well known for great social ability. Beagle is an active dog and off hunting season it needs lots of exercise or activities such as agility. Norrbotten Beagle Club is an active compound and organizes exhibitions and field trials. We try to continuously develop our operations and cooperate with the other races, which also has similar interest. Despite long distance, we have several functioning field trials with good accommodation, some good food and friendly community. The club has also an interesting exchange with Finland in both the breeding and field trial, an example is the contest “Border-river challenge” between  both our (Sweden- Finland) northern clubs. Old and new members are welcome to participate in our activities both in the woods and on the show. At the annual membership meeting or exhibition, you have the opportunity to meet other members and discuss beagle, not to mention the annual meeting. The club will continue its regional efforts to highlight the genuine Beagle.

A hunting dog which is known for its sturdy paws and its big desire for hunting … a hound well adapted to the northern forests.


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